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Click tubes

Self-made, with the use of click tubes, cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. This is related to the restrictions on smoking introduced by governments and the European Union. Manual rolling of cigarettes is an alternative to smoking finished products, and it certainly allows us to save a lot of money. What are the advantages of rolling cigarettes with the use of click tubes? Rolling cigarettes at home is more economical than buying a finished product. We know what tobacco we smoke, we are aware of its quality and freshness. By making cigarettes ourselves with the use of click tubes, we can adjust their thickness, the degree of filling and the thickness of the tobacco to our needs. Many smokers have developed a taste for clicking cigarettes. EU regulations meant that we currently cannot buy a finished product. An alternative is to buy click tubes and roll the cigarettes that were previously available in stores. The flavoring balls make the cigarette feel mint when clicked. The advantage of the ball is that we put it only when we want a menthol cigarette without condemning the whole pack to a change in taste. We don't have to wait for the cigarette to become menthol, it happens instantly.

Each of us has a favorite flavor of cigarettes and more. What is your? Menthol? Vanilla? Or maybe a strawberry? Would you like your cigarettes to taste this way? Click tubes are the perfect solution to this problem. They allow you to enjoy your favorite cigarette aroma. Currently, the only way to get the taste of click tubes is to roll your own cigarettes. They offer many more options than the cigarettes that you previously bought in stores. Please see our click tubes offer!

What is click tubes? Click tubes allow us to feel the taste of our favorite cigarette in a second. Thanks to them, we can get different flavors, although the most popular is, of course, menthol. Click tubes are a convenient alternative to standard cigarettes. It is easy to twist them and get a taste that suits us. Click tubes are definitely a money saver.

The production of cigarettes for our own needs requires us to buy appropriate accessories, one of them are click tubes. Click tubes are more convenient solutions than sheets or tissue paper, which you have to roll yourself. Among our products you will find Click tubes and slim tubes. They are very popular. Our products have a long filter that allows us to reduce the amount of harmful substances. We pack tobacco tubes in clicks into larger cardboard boxes.

Our product click tubes is a perfect taste experience and confidence in what we smoke. If you are not a fan of classic cigarettes, you will certainly find something for yourself in our offer.