Probably The Most Elegant Slim Tubes On The World

The elegance and innovation are working together in our brand since the beginning.
We are creating high quality products, and our teem is working every single day to produce the most elegant and modern cigarette tubes in the world. If you are looking for something like this, then Natalie is the perfect brand for you.

As manufacturers of cigarette tubes, filters and rolling paper, we use the highest quality materials / products, with all the approvals required by different international markets. The materials used, the aesthetics, the performance, the quality, their functionality and acceptance by smokers and our distribution partners occupy 100% of our attention. We are very flexible with regard to the manufacture and development of products that cover the needs, demands and trends requested by Smokers worldwide.

We are a committed, modern and evolving company that manufactures cigarette tubes and rolling filters in different types and formats. We achieve the best and most efficient results in empty cigarettes to tube on the market, and filters for rolling of acetate and 100% biodegradable paper, generating high value and trust in our customers. We raise our level of demand and commitment to the highest level to offer the best required results. Our brand also has an important commitment to Premium lines. 90% of our success is supported by our high quality standards.We are manufacturers that pamper our productions, incorporating the most sophisticated and modern machinery into our systems, complemented with cutting-edge technologies of the moment.

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What else we can offer you

We offer private label products-free on charge design only for you and flexibly quantities and good prices.
You can have your own brand cigarette tubes direct from the manufacture.

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